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I like to do things that make me happy and create positive change in the world.

UX Design allows me to do this by combining all I've learned in partnerships strategy, business development, and Government Relations. 


Hi, I'm Shannon!


I love presenting and pitching and enjoy developing narratives that connect human truths. Recently I won second place at a Divisional Toastmasters Speech Competition for my storytelling skills. 

User Experience

Spending a life listening to and understanding people’s experiences, in my mind, is a life well lived. That’s why I chose UX and am passionate about human-centered design.

Advocacy, Social Justice & Accessibility 

My passion for advocacy and equality guided me to various research opportunities in:

  • Laos - deconstructing the voluntourism industry and the embedded white-saviour complex; 

  • Turkey - evaluating the successful adoption of Globally Active Learning Classrooms (between Istanbul Sehir University and Wilfrid Laurier University); and

  • Chile - understanding the impact government logging decisions have had on Mapuche tribes.


These experiences led me into Government Relations where I learned to leverage saliency, communicate stories to broad audiences, and fight for accessibility and equality. 


Powerlifting; Toastmasters; Reading; Animal Adoption; Hiking



I love connecting with lifelong learners seeking to create positive change. If that's you and you'd like to discuss an opportunity, please reach out.

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